Need to connect two devices? Try a

dumb pipe

Easy, direct connections that punch through NATs & stay connected as network conditions change.

Made by number 0

Connect A to B. Send Data.

In 2023 it's hard to connect two devices directly. Dumb pipe punches through NATs, using on-the-fly node identifiers. It even keeps your machines connected as network conditions change.

What you actually do with that connection is up to you.

A unix pipe between computers

$ curl -sL | sh

get dumbpipe with a single command on two computers, connect them & pipe data from one machine to the other. No accounts. No configuration.


$ ./dumbpipe listen
using secret key 23ryys7pgvjrr57pcrvyivdrhvqyykg2tv3leou5grm66xfd7zzq
Listening. To connect, use:
./dumbpipe connect nodeecsxraxjtqtneathgplh6d5nb2rsnxpfulmkec2rvhwv3hh6m4rdgaibamaeqwjaegplgayaycueiom6wmbqcjqaibavg5hiaaaaaaaaaaabaau7wmbq


echo "hello" | ./dumbpipe connect nodeecsxraxjtqtneathgplh6d5nb2rsnxpfulmkec2rvhwv3hh6m4rdgaibamaeqwjaegplgayaycueiom6wmbqcjqaibavg5hiaaaaaaaaaaabaau7wmbq

This will work, regardless of where the two machines are. Dumb pipe finds a way.

QUIC & Dumb

These dumb pipes use QUIC over a magic socket. It may be dumb, but it still has all the features of a full QUIC connection: UDP-based, stream-multiplexing and encrypted. Besides using the multiplexed streams you can also use multiple connections each with their own ALPN.

Sometimes you gotta relay

For somewhere around 10-20% of connections, it's simply not possible to connect two devices directly. For those cases, we use a meshed network of relay nodes to pack up UDP traffic & send it over HTTP. Sounds silly, but it works. And the magic socket handles all this under the hood.

Coming soon: Premium relays

The team behind number0 runs the default relay network, which has a capped bandwidth. High-throughput, authenticated relays are coming to in the future.

Need more?

Need pubsub? Data transfer? Sync? All of these are opt-in addons from iroh. But if you add these things, the pipe is no longer dumb. You decide how to feel about that.